Friday, February 22, 2008

Bloom's Taxonomy Revised - Actively!

The American Psychological Association has a great resource (linked above) with some revisions that are tailored to our active learning pursuits. You will see that the highest order is now CREATE rather than evaluate and the term knowledge has been more aptly re-named REMEMBER.

The taxonomy circle is a most useful tool. Note that it combines the non-active roles of remember and understand - and separates out each of the active roles of:
  • Apply
  • Analyze
  • Evlauate
  • Create

Let's take a few minutes now to do some active learning ourselves! Would a couple of you come forward to give an example of how you address one or more of these activities in an online class?

(those reading the blog after the live session might put some examples in comments below)


Susan Phillips said...

In an online Speech & Hearing Science class, I have students using Audacity (free download at to record their own speech, then analyze it for frequency, intensity and duration parameters, and finally evaluate their results to determine what it is about those parameters that defines a given vowel, consonant, or the prosody of speech.

Elaine Andrews said...

Please provide a citation for the APA report. I couldn't find the link in the blog. Thanks.

Ray said...


Each of the titles of the postings is hyperlinked to the source. Just click on the words: "Bloom's Taxonomy Revised - Actively!"